I was referred to attorney Marci A. Kratter the day after I was arrested, by one of my fellow inmates. During my phone call to Ms. Kratter from jail I asked her to contact my best friend Jack. I only gave her his name because I didn’t remember his address or phone number.  She contacted Jack immediately. The next day I met with my friend Jack and my son Joseph. I asked them both to retain Ms Kratter, which they did on the following day. The day after being retained Ms Kratter met with me. She instilled in me an immediate feeling of calm about my unfortunate situation. She also lit a fire under the Maricopa County officials to provide me with prescription medications for my arthritis, GERD, and high cholesterol that had been withheld from me for the previous five days. Prior to her intervention I was not seen by any medical personnel at the facility.

   At my hearing eight days after my arrest Ms Kratter informed me that she had made arrangements to have me released on my own recognizance, pending approval by the judge hearing my case. I was taken aback by this revelation. My bail was set at $63,000, which I could not raise. I thought that I would be incarcerated for a long time. I was in a minor stage of relieved shock when I was told by the judge that I would be released on the following day.

   After my release I met with Ms Kratter and made arrangements to pursue a reduction in the charges against me. I eventually pled guilty to a much lesser offense and was given a small fine and a reasonable probation period. Ms Kratter’s communicative and persuasive skills, both inside and outside of the courtroom, show a strong desire to represent the interests of her client and the interests of justice. I have the utmost confidence in Ms Kratter’s legal and social abilities. She exudes a confidence that is immediately transmitted to her clients. I am thankful that she is my attorney and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a defense attorney or any area of law that falls under her expertise.


  Marci Kratter brings a unique blend of legal expertise, integrity, common sense, humility, and adherence to the highest standards of law.   She is an attorney who represents the best in the profession.  She approaches all of her cases with compassion and a sharp legal mind.  She works to know the client and his family background to better understand the situation and get a good outcome for all involved.   Marci knows that the cases can be extremely stressful for those accused and is always accessible.

   As nationally known capital attorney, Marci is called to represent those in high profile cases involving the most serious of charges.  Marci has conducted countless felony trials and has the courtroom skills and experiences to convince both judges and juries that she represents the just cause.  As a trial lawyer, she has a reputation for being quick on her feet, knowing the right argument to make, and outworking all of her courtroom opponents.  She is fearless when it comes to protecting her client’s constitutional rights and is unapologetic in her aggressive defense of those rights.  If you want an attorney who will work for you and not for the system, Marci is the attorney.


  In 2013 I was facing serious felony charges. Police and APD stormed my home and found contraband. I was facing probation violation, possession, and a slew of other charges. I contacted Marci Kratter. I had issues with how my home was raided but it wasn't until speaking with Marci that my suspicions were correct. Marci relentlessly researched case law and excavated cases that supported her position. The hearing to suppress came, and she dazzled the courtroom with her legalese and irrefutable positions. She commanded the attention of the judge and everyone who took the witness stand. I was in awe. Never before had I seen a lawyer, real or fictitious, work a courtroom like she did that fateful day. When the smoke cleared Marci's performance was so astonishing, and evidence so concrete, the judge was compelled by law to grant her motion to suppress. 

   Marci saved my life. 

   I was able to see my daughter again as a free man. I was able to change the course of my future. I'm unable to properly express my gratitude for what she's done for me. Freedom. It's a word that you never appreciate until it's threatened to be stripped from you. Marci Kratter is a spectacular lawyer and I recommend her with all my might. 

   If faced with a criminal charge call Marci, and you too will have Justice.


  I would like to express my gratitude to Marci Kratter for her dedication to her profession. She is a fair and honest attorney. She gives her time, effort and expertise without hesitation. She does her best to deliver all that she says she will. Calls, visits to her clients are on a regular bases and she keeps everyone that is involved updated. I could go on and on. The bottom line is you will get a compassionate and fair attorney with Marci Kratter. 


  I used Marci Kratter’s services for my son over a year ago. I also referred a young lady to Attorney Kratter in 2007 for a case of false imprisonment. In the latter case, we were dealing with another state. Attorney Kratter located and stayed in contact by phone and in writing with the appropriate authorities in that state.

  Marci is a real fighter! She is totally in her client’s corner; always trying to figure out a way to get justice. Ms. Kratter maintained excellent contact with me and the client in both cases. Even after daily phone contact, she regularly called from her car while driving home after a long day with an update. I never felt that Marci wasn’t racking her brain during the day or after hours to fight for us. To begin services with Ms. Kratter’s practice, she generates a contract which states her services and fees. We have recommended Attorney Kratter to others in Phoenix looking for an organized, honest and talented attorney. Considering the bad reputation that some lawyers have created for the profession, she is a breath of fresh air!


Marci was the friendliest, straight forward and honest lawyer I have ever worked with.  She was very considerate of what her clients go through and always made sure I was informed of everything every step of the way. She went above and beyond my expectations. I could not have been more pleased with her professional expertise. I would recommend her to anyone and have already provided her name to others needing a great lawyer such as herself. 


   A good person, A good lawyer, A life saver!!!!!!!!

  I hired Mrs. Kratter as my attorney back in May of this year (2015) to assist me with an issue that turned into a nightmare for me. I am an educator, I was accused of hurting a student. This accusation came from this young mans mother. I am not a person that would or could ever hurt a child. Fox 10 news, without checking the credibility of their source ran the story the way the mother described it. After speaking with the police about the case, and also speaking to fox 10 news the issue was dropped and no charges were filed against me. As a matter of fact, the student in this issue was charged with a couple of class 5 felonies. 
I have Ms. Kratter on speed dial, just in case of an emergency, although hoping to never need her again. I do from time to time call her to say hello and to thank her again for all she did.



  Marci, I just want to thank you for your amazing service during our families time of need.  It is nice to have an attorney that is a great listener, problem solver and goes beyond the call of duty to take care of their clients.  Kudos to you for being a "pit bull"  in the court room and getting the job done. I highly recommend your services to anyone that appreciates the old school mentality of work ethic and an individual with such strong integrity.


  Marci Kratter was up-to-recently the lead defense counsel for our son who had been facing serious criminal charges from the State of Arizona.  Ms. Kratter represented him diligently for several years, at which time she was instrumental in helping to obtain a reasonable plea bargain, which prevented the case from going to trial where our son would have risked a more severe outcome.   

   Ms. Kratter is very knowledgeable in the criminal code of the State of Arizona.  She is an experienced attorney, having defended many clients, and was able to give our son very pragmatic advice based on her extensive experience.  

   She possesses extraordinary personal magnetism, and people are drawn to her.  She seems to have very good rapport with everyone within the legal community, not only just with her fellow defense attorneys but with prosecutors as well.  Her integrity and her extremely good professional relationship with her colleagues facilitate all aspects of the legal process.

   Ms. Kratter communicated very well with our son.  He never hesitated to contact her, knowing that she would always respond to him quickly and thoroughly.  She was very gracious when giving her help.  She was a warm and reassuring presence to our son, as well as to us, in a difficult time.  Furthermore, she has offered to continue to help us as needed in the future, and we will be very pleased to use her services.

   Our son was totally confident in Ms. Kratter’s ability to defend him, and felt that he was fortunate.  We recommend Marci Kratter very highly.


  From the first time I came in to see you with my dad and this last time, a lot has changed.  I remember being an embarrassed, disgruntled, angry young-man.  I was uncomfortable in my own skin and had a hard time accepting the mistakes I have made.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting in your best efforts to help me.  I really can't thank you enough.  I was uncomfortable the first time we met because of all the uncertainty and pain I have caused my family.  I made some smart-ass comments that I don't normally make and I appreciate you being understanding.  I have grown exponentially in these last three months and look forward to all the growth to come.  "Two-weeks, two-months; two-weeks, two-months" was something I kept saying to myself often and with your hard work it not only came true but exceeded my wishes.  I am extremely happy with the outcome.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done and I wish you the best in the future!


  I have known Marci Kratter for approximately nine years. She is a professional, zealous and caring attorney who will go the extra mile to defend her clients. In the courtroom, she is always prepared to argue her cases, she is quick on her feet, and she is knowledgeable of the law. Marci is the type of attorney who will always fight to obtain the best results for her clients.  She is continuously striving for excellence; professionally and personally. It is an honor to work with her. 


 I have known Marci A. Kratter, Attorney at Law from three perspectives:

1.    As a family member of a Client 

2.    As an Employee

3.    As a friend

   From all of these perspectives, Ms. Kratter is a dedicated professional who is passionate about the practice of law.  She stands for excellence and sets the bar for performance and positive results on high.  Ms. Kratter fights for what is right for each of her clients; she always “goes the extra mile”.  Marci is both honest and direct with her Clients as well as their family members.  She remains in touch with her Clients (many of whom are incarcerated) at all times. Marci Kratter once told me that “I am their only contact with the outside world”.  In that regard, I know for a fact that her cell phone is always on and fully charged so that she is available to them 24/7.   It is my strong belief that any individual who has Marci A. Kratter, Esq. as his or her advocate is truly fortunate.  It is my privilege to know her.


  What to say...That's how Marci Kratter left me, speechless when she fought my case back in 2007-2008. Marci has given me a second chance at life, and defended my case well. She spent countless hours, days and nights trying to get me out of the situation I was in at the time. I will recommend Marci anytime. She's caring, and knowledgeable about the criminal laws and will not let the criminal court system take control of the innocent. Marci treats people as if they were family. She always answers my every question and every call when I need her. She helps me as soon as I need help. I highly recommend Marci Kratter as said at anytime. We all never expect to need a attorney in criminal defense, if ever needed to for unexpected situations, Marci Kratter is the attorney to hire. 


 I've known Marci  for quite some time.  She's always there for me when I call her and always gives me the best advice.  I recommend all my friends and family to her; she is a fighter and will not give up.  If you're ever in any trouble trust me call Marci Kratter. 


 I would definitely recommend Marci Kratter to family and friends, I was a client of hers and she is very honest, patient and explained clearly to me what the process was and why. I was very comfortable working with her and my outcome was great. 


   The Best of the Best Attorneys in Az!

  For anyone who is faced with a legal issues of any magnitude, Marci A. Kratter is the perfect attorney for you. To have an educated and knowledgeable attorney in your corner who is full of tenacity  and compassion gives you, as a client,  peace of mind. That is what Ms. Kratter has been for my family (a peace of mind/ breath of fresh air). I've never engaged with any attorney who exhausts all measures and go above and beyond for their client like Ms. Kratter does. Marci A. Kratter has helped members of my family to gain a fresh new start . Give yourself peace of mind and a fresh new start by consulting with Marci A. Kratter today.  When it comes to PEACE OF MIND and a sense of HOPE, my recommendation is for MARCI A. KRATTER she will always have my VOTE.